Minu 2 - Timer for your Busy Life

Minu 2

Timer for your Busy Life

Now, when was the last time you took some time out for yourself and didn’t feel guilty?
Our lives are filled with responsibilities and obligations, we're supposed to balance all the various aspects of our lives to perfection.
We stretch ourselves too thin and push to the breaking point.
We deserve time, we deserve to slow down.

Learn to take your time. Start Today.
5 minutes to just be alone with your thoughts. A relaxing hot bath with your favorite book. Meditating on the beach, while the foamy ocean waves touch the sand.

Minu2 was designed for this. A stylish, modern and easy to use all-purpose timer and stopwatch created to accompany you in your daily life.

Human UI - Setting a Timer and start the Countdown requires only 2 taps from launch
Timer / Stopwatch
Pause and adjust Timer
Stylish Interface

How it works:
Step 1. Rotate the dial to set the timer (or set it to 00:00 to activate the stopwatch)
Step 2. Tap anywhere on the screen to start the timer. That's it!

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